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The Mandaue Business Month (MBM) is MCCI’s flagship program. Held every August, MBM is composed of series of events and projects geared towards promoting sustainable and socially-responsible entrepreneurship and to strategically position Mandaue City to be an attractive destination for business and investment.

Every year, the Mandaue Business Month carries different themes that are conceptualized based on the different trends and practices in businesses. This annual event aims to bring forth and showcase the best economic, social and cultural endowments and potentials of Mandaue City, the premier industrial hub of the Province of Cebu.

MBM creates opportunities for business to give back to the community as part of their corporate social responsibility. Among these activities are Trees Brew Life (a tree-planting activity), SSS Pensioner’s Day, Medical- Dental Mission, Anti- Dengue Campaign, and the Search for Women In Need Now Entrepreneurs (WINNERs).

Another highlight of the MBM is the Business Summit, a one-day learning event where top caliber speakers are invited to share their knowledge and expertise on business and corporate excellence to help and inspire participants.

This is all made possible by the strong partnership between Mandaue Chamber and the local Government of Mandaue City. This strong partnership has created a synergy between the private sector and the government not only terms of helping businesses grow but also promoting awareness to issues such as the environment, poverty alleviation, health and good governance.


Mandaue Talks with Business

Mandaue Talks with Business is an initiative of the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which aims to strengthen the relationship between the business sector and the Mandaue City government through a monthly consultation with Mandaue City Mayor Gabriel Luis “Luigi” Quisumbing and his team.

It is hosted by MCCI members by industry and held in the places of business of the members. It is open to all members of the Chamber. Through this dialogue, the business sector can align programs of the government in order to achieve a better business environment and a better Mandaue City.


2011 01Trees Brew Life

This is an annual tree planting and mangrove rehabilitation activity in partnership with San Miguel Brewery Incorporated, the country’s top beer producer with one of its brewery located in Mandaue City.

The objective is reforesting among others, the Mananga Watershed which supplies water to the cities of Cebu Province, Philippines.

At least 60,000 trees and mangrove species are planted each year in Mandaue City and five (5) different towns beyond the city.

The activity is participated in by employees of the different member companies of Mandaue Chamber who volunteer to do the planting of seedlings and propagules.


MCCI Business Summit Arch. Palafox SpeakerMCCI Business Summit

This is a one day learning event where top caliber speakers are invited to share their knowledge and expertise on business and corporate excellence as well as ethical business practices to help and inspire participants.

This is the chamber’s way of giving a chance especially to the small and medium enterprises to learn new trends and innovations in business.

SSS Pensioners 1SSS Pensioners Day

This event is held in partnership with the Social Security System (SSS), the social security agency of the Philippine government.

The pensioners’ day is a socialization and medical assistance program launched for the pensioners and senior citizens of Mandaue City who may once had been employees of different companies.

The event gathers retirees in a congenial atmosphere as they listen to informative talks on various medical conditions that beset older persons and to help them cope with the changes that come with old age.

They also get free medical check-ups and services like haircut and massage.

During this gathering, member companies of Mandaue Chamber would give out company products (e.g. foodstuff, toiletries, vitamins) and services as special treats to the pensioners.


DSCF0179Medical Dental Mission

The Medical and Dental Mission is aimed at providing equitable and effective healthcare services to Mandaue residents who are below the poverty line.

The Chamber mobilizes its partners such as volunteer doctors, nurses, the medical personnel of the army and navy, youth volunteers, and the media to undertake this project.

Minor surgeries are conducted, prescribed medicines are given for free and further referrals are made if necessary. An average of 1,000 patients are served during the mission.


JRCO0617Search for Women In Need Now Entrepreneurs and Rolemodels (WINNERs)

This search is a quest for women micro-entrepreneurs from the 27 barangays (small districts) of Mandaue City who are supporting their families and are struggling to rise from poverty through their small business ventures.

Many of these women are either victims of abuse or single parents.

The Chamber opens this search for the model women micro-entrepreneurs whose stories of perseverance and creativity will inspire other women to be empowered.

Through the project, these women are given additional capital for business, are mentored by successful business women of Mandaue Chamber and are given a make-over by sponsoring companies.


DSCF1872Property and Investment Exhibit

The Property and Investment Exhibit is the first exhibit in Cebu that showcased the different developers in Mandaue City, Cebu and neighboring regions in the Philippines. There were 25 exhibitors who joined in this event.

Alongside this exhibit is a series of seminars which gave orientation on how to invest in properties and real estate development.


JRCO1713Investment Forum

The Investment Forum is organized by MCCI in partnership with the City Government of Mandaue.

This event gives the city government a chance to showcase Mandaue City as an investment destination as it unveils the City’s New Investment Code which spells out the incentives for local and foreign investors. It also presents the investment priorities of the city.

The 2016 Forum was attended not only by local businessmen but by delegations from the Australia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines.


Gala Night 4Chamber Gala Night

The Mandaue Business Month culminates with the Chamber Gala Night.

The gala night is highlighted with the awarding of the Mandaue Chamber Award to five categories.

Among the 2016 awardees were:

• Dedon Manufacturing Corporation – Foreign Investor of the Year
• Profood International Corporation’s Philippine Dried Mangoes – Global Brand of the Year
• Didang’s Masareal – Local Product of the Year
• Parkmall – Destination of the Year
• Leo Lim Liu – Mentor of the Year

The award logo and trophy were designed by no less than Kenneth Cobonpue, internationally acclaimed furniture designer.
The 2016 Gala Night also featured a “Walk for Hablon” which is part of MCCI’s advocacy in partnership with the Provincial Government of Cebu. The project aims to help revive the hablon industry of Argao in order to help alleviate poverty.


M AwardsMandaue Chamber Awards

The Mandaue Chamber Awards give recognition to Mandaue’s top people, products, places and businesses that have achieved iconic status, representing the pillars of business acumen and innovation.

The stylish award trophy was designed by internationally-renowned furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

The award reinforces the chamber’s mission of promoting best practices among the member companies and individual business leaders especially those that promote sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship.