Message from the President

Message from the President

MCCI PresidentGood evening!

On behalf of the officers and members of the Board of Trustees, I would like to welcome you all, our members and guests, to the Mandaue Chamber’s Annual Membership Assembly and election. Before I proceed, I would like to acknowledge the presence of the Vice President for Visayas of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the person of Mr. Joe Ng. Thank you also to our friends from media for joining us tonight. This is not yet my valedictory speech as there will be a proper time for that. I am here to give you the accomplishments of the chamber for Fiscal Year. Fiscal year 2012-2013 was a very challenging year for our country. We were beset by natural and man-made calamities which brought out the best and worst in our people. From the Zamboanga siege to the earthquake in Bohol and Typhoon Yolanda, we were battered and beaten.

These challenges tested the indomitable spirit of the Filipinos and also gave us a wake-up call on how we deal with disasters and climate change. In the midst of these challenges Mandaue Chamber did its share in helping our affected brothers and sisters in Bohol, Tacloban and the northern towns of Cebu. In coordination and partnership with Rotary International and Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, we sent out to Tacloban and Bohol relief goods coming from our member companies. We also coordinated the medical and dental teams of volunteers from Manila in partnership with Dental Implants company. Just recently we donated fishing boats to help in the recovery of the fisherfolk of San Remegio. These boats are especially crafted by Mr. Clayton Tugonon and those who wish to donate more can contact our Secretariat for the details. For all the relief efforts I would like to thank the people who spearheaded our relief campaigns and the member companies who generously donated goods and medicines and coursed it through the Chamber.

We can assure you that these goods were received by genuine beneficiaries and are all accounted for. On the logistical front, we coordinated the warehousing and movement of relief goods coming from abroad through the Doctors Without Borders. We thank the local government of Mandaue and the different warehouse owners for accommodating the relief goods for free. Looking at the brighter side, the calamities showed us the power of ordinary citizens, the private sector especially the business community. When we come together and work as one, we can really make a difference. Let us learn from the lessons of Bohol earthquake and typhoon Yolanda. Let us build back stronger and build better. In the area of advocacy, we have a very active engagement with the local government of Mandaue in institutionalizing the Performance Governance System to professionalize the bureaucracy and make the city more attractive to investors. I am personally involved in making some business processes in the city ISO compliant and leading to an ISO accreditation. We are also very much involved the campaign for a more strategic and sustainable Metro Cebu planning using the Mega Cebu platform. The project is being undertaken by the 13 cities and municipalities of Cebu the private sector with the support of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency or JICA and the Yokohama City government. Last month, our Executive Director, Marlene Bedia, was part of a JICA sponsored study team composed of LGU personnel and the private sector that went to Tokyo and Yokohama for exposure and benchmarking. In the area of human resource development, we sponsored trainings and seminars for our member companies in the area of employee productivity and efficiency, corporate social responsibility, branding, green productivity and 5S. We also partnered with the Social Security System (SSS) in their SSS Alkansiya Program to give a chance to ordinary vendors, tricycle drivers and informal workers to become members of SSS and pay their contribution on a daily savings basis.

On a lighter end, we were able to organize a fellowship among our members by sponsoring a movie night out. As a flagship project, the Chamber successfully celebrated the Mandaue Business Month with various events that were participated in by various stakeholders. Thank you again Ms. Girlie Garces for ably chairing the two consecutive MBMs. In December, we ended the year with a healing mass presided by healing priest Fr. Joey Faller and was attended not only by our members and partners but also the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda who sought refuge in Cebu. In January this year, we partnered with Hardware Consolidated Inc. (HCI) in bringing Michael Lobrin, renowned author and inspirational speaker to motivate our employees on efficiency and productivity. This was attended by more than 500 participants. (FORUM SLIDE) For fiscal year 2013-2014, we were able to recruit 21 new members. Unfortunately, we also deleted quite a few from our roster due to inactivity, non payment of dues and non-participation in our activities. This simply shows that we are not only after the quantity but also the quality of our membership. We want to grow our chamber not just in numbers but also in quality. Tonight will be a historic night as we shall ratify the amendments to our Constitution and By-Laws. As MCCI celebrates its 50th founding anniversary next year, it is just fitting that we make our by-laws in tune with the changing times. I would like to say a special thank you to Atty. Rhenier Mora for helping us in crafting the amended provisions. This amended by-laws will be one of the legacies of my presidency in the chamber. Tonight, I would also like to inform the general membership of MCCI that we are given the privilege to once again host the 23rd Visayas Area Business Conference (VABC). We shall schedule this in time with the Mandaue Business Month which will be chaired by Ms. Marylou Ngo-Ang.

When we look back to our accomplishments, we thank those who supported us along the way: the Provincial Government of Cebu, Governor Davide and Vice Governor Agnes Magpale, the local government of Mandaue, Mayor Jonas Cortes, the city council headed by Vice-Mayor Glenn Bercede. Thank you to our partners, the media and the academe. Most especially, thank you MCCI members for putting your trust and confidence on your Chamber. As the MCCI marches on into its 50th Founding anniversary next year, we look forward to a more dynamic, vibrant and responsive chamber that will serve its members and continue to be a catalyst of growth and development in Mandaue. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the members of the Board: Carmel, Stanley, Jerry, Mico, Noreen, Glenn, Edgar, Amado, Joseph, Wesley, Peter, Alice, Vicky and Mark for their active support of my presidency and for accompanying me in the journey.

Lastly, thank you to our sponsors tonight for their generous support. Daghang Salamat! Maayong gabii!

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