President Corner

President Corner

Good evening!

First, allow me to extend my warmest and sincerest thanks to everyone who is with us tonight to witness this special moment. It is an honor to be among key industry personalities in Mandaue and Cebu.

Through my years in MCCI where I have served as the Vice President for Internal Affairs, Mandaue Business Month Chair, and MCCI Business Summit Chair, I was able to witness the Chamber’s highs and lows.

The Chamber has become a second family to me – an avenue where I am able to share and relate with other individuals like me; where I am also able to extend help to those who need guidance and assistance.

These experiences helped strengthen the call to serve the business community – to highlight advocacies, focus on community-building programs, and, in active partnership with the city and provincial governments, further grow Mandaue as a sustainable and livable city.

Even in the past two years when the world was struggling amidst the pandemic, MCCI continued to serve – and to me, that’s what the Chamber stands for. The identity of MCCI lies in its ability to serve its community powered by the active involvement of members and partners like you.

I am grateful to the Board of Trustees for entrusting me with this role.

Under my term as president we will continue to strengthen MCCI, grow its membership and actively participate in crafting policies and advocacies that will bring in more investors to Mandaue City.

I extend my deepest appreciation to my predecessor, President Steven Yu, and to all our MCCI Past Presidents, for their selfless service and commitment to the Chamber. We will strive to continue their legacies as we push forward with new opportunities. We will take great leaps with the participation and effort of the current board who are there to help me steer the Chamber’s direction.

Although I hope and pray that I do not encounter such gigantic challenges that President Steven had to go through, the lyrics of the song used in the video as a tribute to him gives me courage:

            “Now, we are not afraid,

             Although we know there’s much to fear

            We were moving mountains long before we knew we could

            There can be miracles when you believe”

Thank you as well to all our partners and to the MCCI membership body for welcoming me. Thank you to our Cebu Provincial Governor Gwendolyn Garcia and Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes for the constant support to MCCI all these years. We hope to continue growing the business community together with you and start another journey together, hand in hand, towards our destination, a more prosperous and vibrant Mandaue City.

Thank you!

At this point, may I call on the other Board members, past and present, back on stage as I do the honors of presenting the plaque of appreciation and gratitude to our Immediate Past President Steven Yu for his exemplary service to MCCI as president from the year 2020 to 2022.

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