Message from MCCI President MR. STANLEY L. GO

Message from MCCI President MR. STANLEY L. GO

Mandaue Chamber PresidentIt is a privilege and an honor to serve the chamber and its members. Our thrust for this year would be to focus on membership engagement. The life blood of any association is through membership. By classifying members into different industry groups, we will better address the needs of the members. The chamber intends to plan its activities around the question, “How can the Chamber help your business?”

We will be organizing short forums that will focus on policies, issues, and needs of business in this age of disruption and innovation. With these forums, we will be better equipped through information and consultation with experts both local and abroad.

The second thrust of the Chamber is to solidify even further the relationship between Mandaue City and business through a monthly consultation with Mandaue City Mayor Gabriel Luis “Luigi” Quisumbing and his team through our Mandaue Talks with Business. Our Mandaue Talks with Business will be hosted by our members by industry and will be held in the places of business of our members. This will be open to all of our members. Through this consultation and collaboration with government, we can align programs of government that would ultimately lead to a better business environment and a better Mandaue City.

The Mandaue Business Month in August will be the highlight of our calendar year where both the Mandaue City and the Chamber will celebrate the Mandaue City Charter Day and Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s founding anniversary.

We invite you to join us in our events. We find strength in your participation, and through this strength, we will grow our businesses and Mandaue City together. #

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  1. “Our thrust for this year would be to focus on membership engagement.”

    That is so true Mr. Go. Perhaps we can talk about that sometime over a coffee.

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