Board of Trustees

    • Mr. Eric N. MendozaPresident
      President, Mastercraft Philippines

    • Mr. Philip TanVice President – Internal
      President, Wellmade Motors Development Corp.

    • Mr. Wilson NgVice President – External
      President, Ng Khai Development Corp.

    • Mr. Donato BusaSecretary, Committee on Special Projects
      General Manager, DMC Busa Printers

    • Ms. Michelle CoTreasurer, Committee on Finance & Secretariat Affairs
      Asst Vice President – RCBC

    • Mr. Stanley GoAuditor, Committee on Ways and Means
      VP- Sales & Marketing, Virginia Food, Inc.


      • Ms. Marylou AngMembership
        Administrative Manager, Dynamic Castings

      • Ms. Romelinda “Girlie” GarcesEducation and Training
        Communications Officer, San Miguel Brewery

      • Mr. Glenn Anthony SocoAdvocacy
        COO, GA Satellite Ventures

      • Mr. Wesley ChiongbianSME & Business
        President & CEO,

      • Mr. Edgar Allan PoTrade Missions
        Asst. General Manager, Winner Plastics Corporation

      • Ms. Carmel del Pio-SalvadorPublic & Media Relations
        Managing Director, Global Carrier Philippines, Inc.

      • Mr. Brian ChuaCommunity Development
        President, Suzuki Auto Cebu

      • Mr. Miguelito PatoTraffic and Infrastructure
        Manager/Proprietor, Multi-concept Furnishing Export